Electric bicycles and skateboards growing in popularity

More people in the city, it seems, are switching to electric bicycles and skateboards for their daily commutes. Vendors can retrofit conventional bikes and boards with electric motors for those who don”t want to purchase a new model. Huang Shih-yin decided to outfit his family’s bicycles with electric motors, batteries and controllers. Previous experience taught him that a full day of riding can leave cyclists exhausted and unable to ride home. Huang Shih-yinCustomized Bike VendorThe fastest traveling speed is 35 (kilometers per hour) but we set the maximum speed at about 25 kilometers per hour because of legal restrictions.People who do not want to purchase a new electric bicycle can opt to bring older bikes to this shop to be transformed. Over the past two years, the shop has outfitted more than 120 bikes. Electric skateboards offer another new popular mode of travel.Wu Ming-fengElectric Skateboard VendorOur surfing and skateboarding hobbies made us interested in electric skateboards. (Electric skateboards) are convenient since the travel time between an MRT station and your company may be 15 minutes walking but only five minutes on an electric skateboard. You can also control your speed and, unlike conventional skateboards, there is a brake which comes in handy if hazards arise. This vendor fields calls from students and office workers who want to try this new transportation tool. Fun and convenient electric bikes and skateboards may soon become an urban trend.
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