How To MARKERLESS Augmented Reality TUTORIAL with WIKITUDE and SLAM!!

This week's video will show you how to do markerless augmented reality with Wikitude, Unity, and SLAM technology to detect ground planes and place augmented objects on the ground. In this video tutorial I will show you how to set up the sample scene for instant tracking, or SLAM technology, with the Wikitude SDK in Unity 3D. We will also go over augmented our own 3D models.

Wikitude is one of the only SDK's I know of that you can test out SLAM and markerless AR for free. You can download a free trail SDK on their website and they will email you a free license key. The only downside is there will be a watermark in the camera view. However, you don't need Unity Pro or a pro developer account with Android or Apple, like some of the other SDK's out there.

I received a demo of Wikitude's SDK6 for free from Think Influencer and Wikitude (thats why there is no watermark in my video). Check out the SDK6 here: . All views expressed are my own.

As far as software you will need Unity 3D:

and the Wikitude 3D SDK:

Android Instructions:


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