Profit Hub Sneak Peek Into Free Traffic Training With Michael Usner

Profit Hub ( presents Michael Usner, the Free Traffic Trainer. Michael shares a sneak peek into some of the secrets of harnessing Free Traffic on the internet. A few points that Michael will be training on is keyword research and a proper keyword game plan, properly building websites to capitalize on the organic exposure, awesome link building strategies and much more. Michael offers tips to 'newbies' and experience internet marketers alike on how to navigate the land mines of trying to rank online.

New video on provides a sneak peek to the company's free traffic training given by Profit Hub web design and free traffic specialist Michael Usner. In the latest video from the hottest internet marketing training ground, insights and strategies are shared on keyword research, proper keyword game plan, organic search engine optimization and more.

According to Michael, one of the key things to be picked up at Profit Hub is learning pinpoint keyword research and game plan strategies. A guide on how to build websites to maximize organic marketing exposure through various forms of onsite SEO strategies, as well as link building in its various forms, will be discussed to help any business website captire the top search results for the desired keyword phrases.

In the newest video, he shares three important tips that will spell the difference for internet business success. But to begin with, it is essential to have a very targeted keyword strategy. It is the key to rank faster and stay longer at the top of search engines for desired keyword phrases. However, recent changes in algorithm have affected websites both positively and negatively. For those who have seen bad results, Michael dishes three tips in the video to repair the damage and be protected in case more updates come in the future.

"The first point I would like to cover is limiting duplicate content on your website. We have all done it before. You find one great article, you put it on multiple pages, and maybe you just switch in a couple of keyword phrases or you change out a couple of keywords in there. If you have done this on sites that you are still trying to get ranked, you want to jump back in there and switch back that content a little bit and moving forward just make sure you do not use duplicate content on your website," he explains.

Michael also stresses the importance of checking where back links are coming from because they can affect the ranking of the website. He adds, "In years past we used to say go out there, all the back links you want, because any links used is good links use. But then it no longer holds true. You want to make sure that the sites that are linking to your website are from a related niche or something that has to go along the lines with what your website covers."

Lastly, Michael shares a trend that has been prevalent in the last six months and it is something that online marketers can use for the benefit of their websites and businesses. He says this has something to do with content links, "This cover is something that we have seen an increase in the last six months and that is the authority of content links, specifically having content links to your website from related websites and related blogs to your niche and to your target website."

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