The Secrets of Mafia Wars

The Secrets of Mafia Wars

Allow me to quote a famous panda and tell you that "There is no secret ingredient!". Majority of websites that offer cheats or hacks are really just hyping their content or whatever product they are selling. If you find one that claims it has all the secrets of Mafia Wars, go ahead and read it. I am willing to bet that there are no real cheats or hacks in there. The most that you will get is a set of tips and tricks on how to apply fast tracking strategies. Those are not bad but the misleading titles and promises raise your expectations and then fail you when it is time to deliver.

Why are the secrets of Mafia Wars a myth? Unlike PC and console games, Mafia Wars is online and live. This means that all fixes or updates are applied whenever the game developers want. The technology used to create and run them is much more secure compared to games that are not online. There are no installations necessary because it is browser based. The skeleton or code of the game is not available to the public and the only thing you get from right clicking is information about the software used to create it. It is not as if you can use a game shark software to change your level and stats to infinite. If you are hoping for something like that, it is never going to happen.

Instead of pining for all the secrets of Mafia Wars, I suggest that you use the information that is already available on the Internet. They are not shortcuts but they do help you progress in the game. The most basic tip that you should follow is get as many friends as you can into your mafia. If you run out of friends, take a look at the game's support forum or simply search for fan pages or groups that are based on Mafia Wars. There is usually an area there that is reserved for recruiting people into your mafia.

There are two other strategies that I know of and both are based on common sense than anything else. One is to always deposit your money before you log out for the day. Your character lives in a nasty world that is all about getting to the top at whatever cost. Don't be complacent. Put those hard earned play money into your bank before somebody robs you clean. Better safe than sorry right? Another tip is to save up your cash and then buy properties in bulk. You use that principle in real life. Why not in the game? If you seriously doubt that logic, go ahead and whip out your calculator while looking at the property prices.

Remember that this is a game. Do not let yourself get tricked into paying for secrets of Mafia Wars when there really are none. You don't need to read a book for you to learn how to play it and be successful. If you let all that hype and marketing ploys to get to you, it's your money to spend anyway. Just have fun with your friends and with all the new people you meet.